Mohamed Salah made 'significant donation' to Gaza aid

Mohamed Salah has made a 'significant donation' to help those in Gaza, according to reports.

One Wednesday, the 31-year-old Liverpool forward released a video on social media appealing to world leaders to allow humanitarian aid into Gaza and to prevent more 'slaughter of innocent souls', amid the escalating conflict that has claimed thousands of lives.

Salah – the Egypt national team captain and Arab world's most high-profile sporting superstar – released the message to his millions of followers, following reports of the deadly blast at the Al-Ahli Baptist Hospital, which has killed over 400 people according to the Ministry of Health in Gaza.

In the video taken against a black background, Salah said: “It’s not always easy to speak in time like this. There has been too much violence and too much heartbreak and brutality.

“The escalations in recent weeks is unbearable to witness. All lives are sacred and must be protected.

“The massacres need to stop. Families are being turned apart.

“What’s clear now is that humanitarian aid to Gaza must be allowed immediately. The people there are in terrible conditions.

“The scenes at the hospital last night were horrifying. The people of Gaza need food, water and medical supplies urgently.

“I am calling on the world leaders to come together to prevent a further slaughter of innocent souls.

“Humanity must prevail.”

In addition to the video post, which had well over 100 million views on X by Thursday morning, Salah has also made a donation to the Egyptian Red Crescent to help provide aid to those in Gaza, according to the organisation's executive director, Rami Al-Nazer.

"Mohamed Salah has already made donations to provide aid to the people in Gaza. It is not something strange for Mohamed Salah to provide such aid," he told the Al-Hekaya TV show, as quoted by Ahram.

"We were approached through his business manager, and he informed us of his desire. This is not Salah's first or only contribution to humanitarian causes. He has a history of philanthropy, and we are accustomed to it from such a prominent figure."

The Guardian, meanwhile, writes that the exact amount of the donation was 'undisclosed but significant'.

Back in 2022, Liverpool's number 11 was ranked as the UK's eighth most charitable person by the Sunday Times, having donated over £2.5m of his wealth to a number of causes.

Speaking recently about Salah's generosity, former head of security for the Egypt national team Karim Abdou said: "He's paid millions and millions for sick people. He buys ambulances for the city. He helped people who are short of money to get married, pay their bills or to have surgery."

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