Mohamed Salah's bodyguard reveals 'most crazy' situation Champions League win

When you're as famous as Mohamed Salah, having good security is absolutely paramount, and now the Egyptian's bodyguard has spoken about what it takes to protect Liverpool's superstar.

Salah is undoubtedly one of the best and best-known footballers on the planet.

Liverpool's number 11 has won every club trophy possible, broken countless records and he has a very good chance of finishing his Reds career in the top ten for both goals and assists in the Premier League.

One of the by-products of being a player of Salah's calibre, is the millions of fans that worship him, follow his every move and sometimes overstep the boundaries.

Therefore, the need to have an experienced personal bodyguard is vital, and one of Salah's protectors Karim Abdou, the former head of security for the Egyptian national team, has now shared what goes in to keeping the superstar safe.

Speaking on the 5ASide Podcast, Abdou said: "All gifts [he receives] have to be scanned. We don't accept gifts, but sometimes if I take them from people they have to be scanned. You never know what is in the gift. It could make him sick or kill him, you don't know."

The bodyguard also explained how Salah needs to be kept out of the spotlight as much as possible like a "ghost", because of how obsessive the Egyptian public can be with the winger.

He revealed: "One time, he went to pray in a mosque. Nobody knew where he lived and somebody followed him and put in a WhatsApp group, 'Mo Salah lives in that address'. There was like 20,000 people who showed up to his house after five minutes."

Abdou also revealed that a short break home after the 2019 Champions League final win turned 'crazy' as Salah became trapped in his house due to the hordes of fans.

"When he won the Champions League that was the most crazy time. I was supposed to be with him, but he took some extra days off for Eid to be at his home base.

LIVERPOOL, 03-09-2023 , Anfield Stadium , Englisch Premiership Football season 2023 / 2024. Match between Liverpool and Aston Villa. Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp greets Mohamed Salah

"When he came, he was supposed to go and pray in the street with everybody, everyone wanted to take pictures with him and celebrate with him.

"But every single Egyptian media, TV, newspaper were lining up in front of his house.

"He was inside and could not even open the door ... They tried to escape him out the back door, but they couldn't."

However, despite all the fame, Salah is still an incredibly down-to-earth and generous person who helps as many people as possible with his wealth, which would suggest why Abdou sees the Egyptian as his favourite footballer he has worked with in his career.

Abdou added: "He's paid millions and millions for sick people. He buys ambulances for the city. He helped people who are short of money to get married, pay their bills or to have surgery."

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