Reliable journalist claims an 'imminent takeover' is 'unlikely' for Liverpool

Reliable Liverpool journalist Neil Jones has said that FSG selling Liverpool soon is 'unlikely'.

Earlier today, David Ornstein of the Athletic broke the news that Fenway Sports Group have put Liverpool up for sale, sending fans into a frenzy. Now, other top journalists are releasing more information about this potential game-changing deal.

In a recent article for GOAL, as cited by Anfield Watch's Twitter account, the ever-reliable Neil Jones has said that we have 'far more questions than answers' in regards to the news that FSG have put the club up for sale.

"The news that the club's American owners would 'consider new shareholders' has caught fans by surprise but an imminent takeover appears unlikely," Jones said.

"We know that FSG are at the very least exploring their options and that they have made the first steps to identify and attract potential investors, and that those are significant developments.

"But we don’t know why they have looked to do so and we don’t know who, if anyone, is out there ready to make the Americans an offer they can’t refuse.

"There are plenty of moral considerations attached to such takeovers, as Newcastle and City fans would doubtless tell you. For the time being, then, there are far more questions than answers."

Anfield Watch Verdict

FSG have been under a mountain of pressure from a large portion of the fanbase in recent years and it looks like those fans have finally got their wish.

However, a lot of supporters are assuming that this is going to happen very quickly, similar to what happened with Chelsea over the summer.

Takeovers for football clubs can take years of negotiations and then they have to get signed off by the footballing authorities, which can also take months.

If FSG really are selling Liverpool then I suspect we won't see any major inroads until the end of this season. It may not be as quick as some fans want but if they chose the right buyer then the future could look very bright for the Reds.

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