Mo Salah's 10 best Premier League goals as he reaches 150

Mo Salah has 150 goals in the Premier League after his strike against Crystal Palace. Here are our picks for his 10 best.

Mo Salah didn't just reach 200 for Liverpool against Crystal Palace but he also got his 150th in the Premier League. The Egyptian reached that number across spells with the Reds and Chelsea, moving him into the top 10 all-time.

He's the fifth-fastest to do it, too, with only Alan Shearer, Sergio Aguero, Harry Kane and Thierry Henry doing it in fewer games. It also means that Salah has built up quite the selection of incredible goals.

We've picked out our 10 best.

10. Arsenal, August 2017

This was one of the first examples of just how special Mo Salah was going to be for Liverpool - and just what he'd bring. The Egyptian scored the Reds' second in a 2-0 win and it came from an Arsenal corner.

Liverpool cleared it but Salah managed to beat Hector Bellerin to the ball with a burst of speed. He knocked it past the Spaniard, who was Arsenal's last man, and ran the length of the pitch to finish.

9. Manchester United, March 2023

A memorable one from this year as Salah left his mark on a historic Liverpool win. Our pick came in the second half as Liverpool looked to increase their lead. A ball from Darwin Nunez was blocked but fortunately returned back to him and he was able to send it Salah's way.

Liverpool's no.11 didn't even bother controlling it - he just smashed a weak-foot volley in off the crossbar. The Reds ended up winning 7-0, of course, with Salah dominant.

8. Watford, March 2018

Salah's record-breaking debut season saw a number of fantastic displays. His four goals at Anfield against Watford might be top of the pile, though. And it featured a sensational goal.

He got the ball inside the box with three defenders on him. Salah went right, they all went right. He then went left, they all went left. A couple of dummies sent them all flailing and a toe-poke into the corner beat the goalkeeper.

7. Southampton, April 2019

Salah went into this one with the rarest of rares - a goal drought. Liverpool were also engaged in a fierce title race against Manchester City and desperately needed a win. With 10 minutes to go, though, it was 1-1.

A Southampton corner ended up with Salah getting the ball just inside Liverpool's half, however. He immediately started running directly through the middle, with defenders backing off. Once he made it to the edge of the box, the perfect finish came as Salah just lifted it into the far corner.

A massive goal, a brilliant goal, and Salah at his best.

6. Manchester United, January 2020

A famous win for Liverpool as they marched towards the Premier League title. United pushed for an equaliser in stoppage time, winning a corner (notice a theme?). Once Alisson got the ball, though, Salah was already on his way.

The Brazilian spotted him, too, and sent a looping pass over the top. Salah picked it up and sprinted on goal, holding off Dan James trying to recover before slotting it home. Alisson then, somehow, beat every other player from one end of the pitch to the other to celebrate with Salah first.

5. Everton, December 2017

It's a bit strange to list a Puskas award-winning goal as the 5th best but here we are.

This one came in a 1-1 draw in Salah's debut season and his first Merseyside derby. He picked the ball up on the far side of the box, with his back to goal and a defender right on him. The winger held shrugged off his man, before sizing up a second defender - and cutting sharply inside. From there came a world-class finish as Salah curled the ball into the far corner.

A memorable strike and one of the finest Merseyside derby goals.

4. Watford, October 2021

This would be the best goal of most players' career but Salah made it look almost ordinary by repeating it later that month (more on that to come). Still, it was an example of how Liverpool's no.11 can leave defenders clueless.

Salah receives the ball on the edge of the box and has not one but three defenders surrounding him. He drags it back a little, stands them all up, then bursts to the right side of the box. Only one defender was able to follow him and a dummy sits him down, allowing Salah to send the ball into the far corner.


3. Tottenham Hotspur, February 2018

Yet another magnificent goal coming in Salah's first season at Liverpool. This time it was in a game against Tottenham Hotspur as the Reds continued their hunt for a top-four finish.

It looked as though they'd won the game at the death, too, as Salah produced a moment of absolute magic to put Liverpool in front. The goal started chaotically, as he received the ball out wide and tried to cross it. The ball hit a nearby defender and Salah was first to react and get it back.

He dummied a cross to sit down a defender, cut inside to move past two more, then lifted it over Hugo Lloris. It all happened in an absolute flash - Salah toying with the Spurs defence as only he can.

2. Chelsea, April 2019

This will be a lot of people's number one and that's entirely understandable. It's a goal unlike anything else on this list. Salah typically dazzles with his speed and agility but here's him smashing one in from a mile out with arrow-like precision.

The game was an enormous one as Liverpool needed to win every game in order to keep pressure on Manchester City at the top. Sadio Mané had just scored a huge goal to put the Reds 1-0 up and then minutes later, Salah produced something out of nothing.

Receiving the ball on the right, Salah cuts inside perpendicular to goal. Then, all of 25 yards from goal, he just hammers it into the far corner with an unstoppable strike - a goal no one really knew he had in him.

Absolutely world-class and with his now-iconic yoga-pose celebration to boot.

1. Manchester City, October 2021

Once again, it was Liverpool vs Manchester City with title implications. Once again, Mo Salah produced dazzling footwork that left defenders clueless. Doing it in a game like this, though, was on another level.

Salah isn't threatening at all when he gets the ball on the right flank. He's got his back to goal and three City players are around him. Somehow, he manages to turn and face the goal, then a dragback allows him to leave all three players for dead.

He dummies to go inside on his left but quickly chops the ball onto his right foot and into a little space. Then an emphatic right-footed finish beats Ederson and Anfield goes ballistic.

This was Salah tearing one of the most expensive and greatest defences in the world to pieces, all on his own. It's him at his peak, utterly unstoppable and always a move ahead of the defenders. Just incredible and our pick for his greatest Premier League goal.

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