Mo Salah scores 150th Premier League goal: How he ranks all-time

Mo Salah officially has his 150th Premier League goal. Here's how the Liverpool legend ranks amongst the other greats.

Mo Salah bagged his 200th goal for Liverpool on Saturday as he equalised for the Reds against Crystal Palace. This was also his 150th in the Premier League - a double milestone for the no.11.

It wasn't the greatest goal in the world, admittedly, and not how Salah would have pictured it. He received a loose ball in the box and fired it in from 10 yards off of Nathaniel Clyne.

But they all count the same and Salah can breathe a little easier now he's officially got the goal.

Salah's 150 came in his 247th Premier League fixture, for both Chelsea and Liverpool. It's an astonishing record, well above a goal every other game and up there with the very best seen in the Premier League.

In fact, that's the fifth-fastest of any player. Albeit, a distant fifth.

Thierry Henry is fourth. He scored his 150th Premier League goal in his 220th fixture with Arsenal. Third is Harry Kane, who did it in 218 for Tottenham Hotspur.

Sergio Aguero narrowly beat that to get second - 217 Manchester City games.

Out on his own in first is, unsurprisingly, Alan Shearer. It took him a mere 212 games across spells with Blackburn Rovers and Newcastle United. That's a record that will be hard for any player to beat, but Erling Haaland is giving it a go.

It's still incredible to think that Salah arrived at Liverpool as a talented winger who was supposed to merely be a step in the right direction. There was absolutely no sense at all that the Reds had signed one of the greatest goalscorers on the planet.

But that's exactly what he's turned out to be. Salah will go down as an all-time great goalscorer in the history of the Premier League. 150 goals and counting.

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