Luis Diaz gives incredibly classy assessment of VAR controversy

Luis Diaz has spoken out on the controversy surrounding his disallowed goal in the controversial defeat to Tottenham.

The Colombian saw his first-half strike incorrectly ruled out for offside by the on-field officials, while the VAR team led by Darren England failed to communicate that the goal should have stood.

Liverpool ultimately lost the game 2-1 after a stoppage-time own goal from Joel Matip, having also suffered two highly contentious red card decisions in the game.

The fallout of the match led to an apology from refereeing body the PGMOL, while audio footage from the VAR room was released to clarify how the mix-up happened.

Such was the controversy, Jurgen Klopp even suggested a replay would be appropriate under the circumstances, though he later claimed his words were misinterpreted by the press.

Though the PGMOL has made changes to the VAR process as a result of the incident, debate over the whole affair has raged on among fans and pundits.

One man choosing to rise above it all though is Diaz.

Now on international duty with Colombia for October's World Cup qualifiers, the winger was asked about the debacle, which he admitted hit him 'very hard'. However, he gave a fairer and more measured response than might reasonably be expected for someone who had a legitimate goal ruled out.

"The goal issue was a bit complicated," he told El Heraldo.

"At the time it hit me very hard, but not only for me, but for all my colleagues. In the middle of the game we talked a lot about it, it was a positive result that was going to help us. These are things that happen, referees are human. We have to take it easy and it will be next time."

Diaz will be up against a very familiar face in Darwin Nuñez when Colombia host Uruguay this Thursday.

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The two shared a plane from Merseyside to Barranquilla for the game and Diaz admitted there has been plenty of banter with his Liverpool teammate ahead of the clash.

Diaz revealed: "We didn't manage to place bets, we were close (laughs).

"We talk a lot, we play on the plane a lot. More than anything we talked about how the game was going to be difficult. We joked that 'you were going to lose', and so on. We wish each other the best and that the best person wins."

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