Liverpool's next move after Darwin Nunez brawl CHAOS has been explained

Liverpool will act on Darwin Nunez after the Uruguayan’s involvement in a chaotic brawl at Copa America 2024 this week.

There were some shocking scenes as Uruguayan lost 1-0 to Colombia at the Copa America on Wednesday evening. A brawl broke out in the stands afterwards and if that wasn't enough, Darwin Nunez got involved.

The striker climbed into the middle of it and appeared to throw punches as the Colombian fans got close to where his family were watching from. Nunez was then seen trying to throw a chair into the stands from the pitch but a security guard stopped him.

It's not clear what happens to Nunez after this. The expectation is that FIFA will review the incident and potentially punish him for it - players getting involved in the stands is frowned upon, to say the least.

As for Liverpool, the Athletic reports that they're waiting for the right moment to talk to Nunez. It's possible that's happened by the time of writing, but they wanted the correct time difference to get his side of the story.

The Reds will also talk to the Uruguayan Football Federation as they attempt to get all the facts behind the story. This could, after all, be a situation where they need to go to bat for their no.9 if FIFA do decide punishment is necessary.

Darwin Nunez in chaotic brawl

Liverpool don't have it simple with Uruguayan strikers, do they? Fortunately, it does look as though Nunez was at least semi-justified with his actions here.

If the Colombian fans really were putting his family in danger, or even if the striker reasonably believed they were, then we can't see how he could possibly be punished for it. A ban would seem ridiculous in that context.

No one really knows what's going to come of this just yet but we're hopeful. Let's see what Liverpool can gather from the facts.

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