Astonishing scenes as Darwin Nunez exchanges punches with Colombia fans in post-match RIOT as Uruguay crash out of Copa America

Darwin Nunez’s Copa America 2024 semi-final ended in chaos and violence as Uruguay lost against Colombia in Charlotte, North Carolina. 

The Liverpool striker was caught up in a riot with Colombia supporters, exchanging punches with those in the stands at the conclusion of a bad-tempered contest. 

A solitary Jefferson Lerma goal for 10-man Colombia was enough to end Nunez’s interest in the competition but the result was not even the beginning of the story. 

Immediately after the game the two teams clashed in the middle of the field before Uruguay’s players including Nunez ran to a section of the stadium where their families were sitting. 

Darwin, Ronald Araujo, Matias Vina and Mathias Olivera led the charge to the family section, which was located directly next to a Colombia fan enclosure. 

It transpired that the Uruguay stars were attempting to come to the aid of their families, who they claim were being rushed by Colombian supporters. 

“They made an avalanche on all of our families,” defender Jose Maria Gimenez told Brazilian television after the game. 

“This is a disaster, we had to go to the stands to take out our loved ones, with a newborn baby.”

Jorge Giordano, the director of the Uruguay national teams, tried to come between the players and the Colombia supporters but the two parties were unable to be kept apart. 

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Nunez’s wife and his child were in the stands and the Liverpool star managed to get them out of the stands and back onto the field.

Likewise, Federico Valverde smuggled his wife and son onto the pitch too. 

Darwin fighting with Colombia fans

Among the melee, the mother of Paris Saint-Germain star Manuel Ugarte was reported to have fainted. 

The clash lasted around 10 minutes with Darwin captured by cameras FIGHTING with opposition supporters, throwing and taking punches in the face in astonishing scenes. 

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Colombia fans were eventually detained in the stands, bringing a modicum of calm to the situation, and it was around 20 minutes later that Uruguay’s players eventually left the field. 

Uruguay must regroup as they face a third-place match against Canada in Charlotte on Saturday. 

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