DAMNING new report criticises French police over 2022 Champions League final actions

The actions of French police at the 2022 Champions League final in Paris has been heavily criticised by a new, independent report released in France. 

The game between Liverpool and Real Madrid was delayed for 36 minutes as a horrifying scene unfolded outside the Stade de France in Saint-Denis with Liverpool fans pressed against perimeter fences and subjected to indiscriminate usage of tear gas on the part of French police. 

Congestion developed outside the ground due to a failure of crowd control on the part of police, states the report, leading to mayhem ahead of the match. 

The Defenseur Des Droits (Defender of Rights) is an independent organisation which defends the rights of French citizens and found NO JUSTIFICATION for the police’s use of the tear gas on the night in question. 

Using tear gas “was absolutely not necessary, nor appropriate,” the report said. “The panic created put people present at risk”.

Police have attempted to justify their actions by declaring that they were trying to halt individuals who did NOT have tickets - mostly locals - from breaching the fences. 

Claire Hedon, spokesperson for the Defenseur Des Droits, replied to that claim in the report. 

No justification for tear gas use

“The fact ‘opportunistic crime’ may have been committed cannot justify the indiscriminate use of tear gas on the public,” she said. 

Furthermore the report reveals that NO warnings were given to Liverpool supporters in English, leading to chaos and confusion. 

Liverpool fans leaving the Stade de France were subjected to attacks by organised gangs after the game and the report claims police stood back and failed to take action to protect supporters. 

The report reveals: “police officers standing back as the English supporters were subjected to violent beatings by their assailants”.

“The Defender of Rights finds that law enforcement officers failed in their duty to protect people and property,” it concludes. 

French ministry has two months to reply

The organisation has delivered recommendations following the report’s publication including: 

  • Changing rules governing the usage of tear gas as major sporting and cultural events. 
  • Issuing instructions in appropriate languages 
  • Enabling police body cameras 

The French ministry of the interior now has two months to respond to these recommendations. 

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