Jurgen Klopp shows his 'love' for two 'wonderful' FSG decisions

Jurgen Klopp has shown his love for two 'wonderful' decisions made by FSG during his spell as Liverpool boss. The German will step down later this year.

Jurgen Klopp was given an opportunity to discuss any regrets on Friday as he held a press conference after announcing his decision to leave Liverpool. Klopp will step down at the end of the season, feeling he lacks the energy for the job right now.

But it appears he doesn't regret much. The subject of spending came up, naturally, and how he's felt working under FSG all these years. That's a subject that Jose Enrique pushed into the spotlight while talking on Sky Sports on Friday.

Klopp instead talked the success under FSG and how the decision to push funds into long-term, structural investments rather than players is something he not just supports but loves.

"It would be so easy in this job to just blame the owners and say 'yeah, we would have won more trophies if only FSG would have spent more'," said Klopp. "Was I always happy with every second and what we did? No, but it was absolutely fine.

"This club is now so different as Billy [Hogan] said because we built two stands which last forever. If there's not an earthquake, they will stay there - the stadium is wonderful. We built this AXA Training Ground - wonderful. This will stay for the next 30, 40, 50 years.

"We did what we did properly. We did it the Liverpool way, that I love."

It's impossible to refute what he's saying there. Liverpool are unquestionably stronger than they were pre-Klopp, not just for the success on the pitch but because of the investments into the infrastructure.

Anfield held 45k when Klopp took over - now it will hold over 60k. The training ground is something that will deliver results for decades, as he says, and is something that other major clubs are struggling to find the funds to invest in.

Those are only possible because of the near-miracles Klopp performed on the pitch. His legacy at Liverpool is an enormous one as a result and while, yes, more trophies may have arrived with bigger transfers, the club is in a stronger position after him than they ever would have dreamed of.

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