Jurgen Klopp promises ex-Red he's wrong about Liverpool exit and FSG

Jurgen Klopp has told Jose Enrique that he's all wrong with his assumption about the German's Liverpool exit. Klopp will stand down as manager at the end of the season.

Jurgen Klopp announced on Friday that he will leave Liverpool at the end of the season. Understandably, that's now all everyone is talking about - a seismic change at Anfield that leaves so many questions.

It's also led to speculation, not just about Klopp's successor but about his reasons for leaving. Former Liverpool left-back Jose Enrique, for instance, talked to Sky Sports about the German's decision.

Enrique suspects the exit is to do with FSG, the club's owners, and their lack of financial backing for Klopp.

"I think something happened," said Enrique. "I have my own opinion about it and I think it has to do with the spending maybe with the ownership.

"That he's got tired of it, to keep fighting every single year to sign the players maybe he deserves in the team. He cannot do miracles all the time"

FSG's perceived lack of backing for Klopp has long been a sticking point for fans. The boss, though, assures Enrique that he's wrong - FSG have nothing to do with this decision.

"Jose Enrique, who I like a lot and obviously he has a big Liverpool heart, he said that whatever I say, I think I understood, it's still about FSG," Klopp said in a press conference on Friday. "I can tell you, Jose, it's not - nothing to do with it.

"It would be so easy in this job to just blame the owners and say 'yeah, we would have won more trophies if only FSG would have spent more'. Was I always happy with every second and what we did? No but it was absolutely fine."

"That we didn't win the title with 97 points, that we didn't win another Champions League final had nothing to do with whether one player was in or that if we'd spent for another one," he went on to say.

"I understand that's a fan view, fine, but a professional view can never be like that, it just can't. So if you blame anyone for not winning the Champions League three times, [blame] me. It was my job to make that happen."

No matter what happens, fans and pundits will still question whether Liverpool could have won more under Klopp with bigger spending. The man himself won't, however, and appears completely at peace with what he was given.

The big question that follows, though, is whether his successor can deliver the same kind of success with the same kind of backing.

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