The Liverpool fan who RANG Klopp's doorbell... and what happened next

Liverpool supporter Mark Preston has recounted a dream encounter with Jurgen Klopp.

Following the unfortunate death of his friend Darren Scott, who suffered a cardiac arrest at the age of 40 while playing for Newton Aycliffe Cobblers Hall Over 40s, in 2022, Mr Preston was determined to place as many defibrillators in his home town of Newton Aycliffe, County Durham as possible.

Those efforts combined with the local community have resulted in scores of new defibrillators in the town, funded in part by items Mr Preston gained from Klopp and assistant manager Pep Lijnders on a previous visit to Liverpool.

In the hope of thanking Klopp and Lijnders, for previous donations of memorabilia to the Missed a Beat Foundation, Mr Preston had made a speculative visit to the North West and was pointed to outgoing Liverpool manager's home by locals.

And much to the surprise of Mr Preston, he was allowed into Klopp's garden by his wife, Ulla and within minutes was speaking and posing for pictures with the legendary German tactician.

"He’s the most genuine man I've ever met in my life," Mr Preston said, as per the BBC.

Jurgen Klopp's wife, Ulla, is the boss

"What an amazing lady," Mr Preston said of Ulla. She was so interested in the charity. Half an hour later she says 'I need to go and get Jurgen to speak to you.'

Mr Preston then recalled a conversation he had with Klopp after leaving with with more signed memorabilia to sell for the charity: "He said, 'I don't know how you got in my garden, but it’s ok because Ulla said it’s ok. And she's the boss. No problem, Mark.'

"What you see on the TV with Jurgen Klopp - if you times that by one hundred plus, that's what the man’s about."

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