Jurgen Klopp delivers FINAL words on Liverpool owners ahead of grand exit

Liverpool FC will say goodbye to Jurgen Klopp on Sunday. The German has given his final words on the club’s ownership, FSG.

Today's the day - Jurgen Klopp will say goodbye to Liverpool as he departs after the meeting with Wolves. The club have released his programme notes ahead of the fixture, where the German gives his thoughts and says his thanks.

That included comments on Liverpool's ownership, FSG. They're the ones who pushed hard to hire Klopp, after all, and it's them who have come under scrutiny the most across his tenure.

There have been plenty of accusations that FSG didn't back their manager as well as they could have done. Klopp himself hasn't kept it a secret that there have been times where he wanted certain players but needed to back down because the money wasn't provided.

Thus there is a sense that Liverpool might have won more with a bit more cash to compete with. But at the end of the day, is there enough cash to compete with Manchester City?

Klopp certainly doesn't harbour any grudges. He offered a glowing 'thank you' to the owners on his way out.

Klopp's message to the owners

"This is what I have always known Liverpool to be: a club of journeys and adventures, some that end with trophies and some that don't but whatever happens there are always stories and moments that are unforgettable," writes Klopp.

"In my time here we have been blessed with quite a few and it is important that I stress that what we have done has always been underpinned by stable, intelligent and creative ownership.

"Again, I could not be more grateful for this but I am also excited because I know that this will continue going forward and that can only be good news for Liverpool FC."

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