Atalanta vs Liverpool: Jamie Carragher's ‘stance has changed' on Klopp plan

Jamie Carragher admits his stance on Jurgen Klopp’s plan for Liverpool has ‘changed’ since last week as the Reds prepare to take on Atalanta.

Liverpool take on Atalanta in the UEFA Europa League tonight - but they're far from favourites. The Reds lost the first leg 3-0 at Anfield, leaving them with barely a prayer in Bergamo.

It was enough that Jamie Carragher quickly tweeted after the result that Jurgen Klopp should effectively give up on the game. Instead, he wanted Liverpool to focus entirely on the Premier League.

"Awful result & performance from Liverpool,” Carragher wrote on X. “The only consolation about getting beat so heavily is Jurgen should play a full second string in the second leg & go all in for the league!"

Well, now that idea has changed. With a couple of hours to go before the second leg, Carragher admits he thinks Liverpool should go all-out - after all, the Premier League title challenge isn't what it once was.

"My stance has obviously changed after the Crystal Palace result!" he wrote. "Throw the lot at it Jurgen!!"

Atalanta vs Liverpool

Well, Liverpool will certainly need 'the lot' if they're to overhaul the 3-0 deficit and progress in the Europa League. Pulling this off would be one of the greatest European victories in their history. For most clubs, it would be their greatest.

Though, it's still a debatable one. The defeat to Crystal Palace was a blow but Liverpool are far from out of the title race. In fact, they can climb back to the top if they beat Fulham at the weekend and Arsenal don't win.

At the very least, they can climb above Manchester City, who have an FA Cup game this weekend.

Of course, the feeling is that City won't drop points again this season. It's easy to see where Carragher is coming from in that sense, and that the title is completely out of Liverpool's hands.

Honestly, it would just be nice to see the Reds manage the impossible one more time under Jurgen Klopp. Go all out against Atalanta, go all out against Fulham - win it all!

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