Liverpool vs Atalanta: Jamie Carragher has advice for Klopp after ‘awful’ defeat

Jamie Carragher weighed in on Liverpool’s horrendous 0-3 defeat against Atalanta at Anfield in the UEFA Europa League.

Liverpool played out a horrendous UEFA Europa League quarter-final first leg at Anfield on Thursday evening. The Reds sunk 3-0 to Atalanta, leaving them an almost impossible task going forward.

Jurgen Klopp’s side were pretty awful from the get-go, never finding momentum and giving away some truly awful goals. The Europa League dream now looks to be in tatters - so what now?

Jamie Carragher feels there’s only one way to go from here. He wants Liverpool to give-up, essentially, and focus entirely on the Premier League title race.

"Awful result & performance from Liverpool,” Carragher wrote on X. “The only consolation about getting beat so heavily is Jurgen should play a full second string in the second leg & go all in for the league!"

What should Jurgen Klopp do?

That’s ultimately the big decision facing Klopp now. Atalanta are a strong team at home - beating them by at least three goals is incredibly improbable.

Especially, it should be said, when Liverpool are very out of form.

Of course, Liverpool have overcome a deficit like this before - famously so - but that was at Anfield and with a better team. The next leg will be in Bergamo and Atalanta will be incredibly confident.

It is now absolutely true that the Premier League is an easier trophy for Liverpool to win than the Europa League. So should they focus entirely on it?

Carragher believes so, condemning this 3-0 defeat to being Klopp’s final European night at Anfield. Maybe that is for the best - especially if being able to rest players in Bergamo is ultimately the difference between winning the title and not.

Liverpool play Crystal Palace this weekend, four days before the second leg. Fulham away comes three days afterwards. Can the first-XI win all three? On this form, no.

And that’s why Carragher has a point. Klopp has a massive decision to make - possible the biggest one he has remaining.

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