Xabi Alonso directly addresses future after new Bayern, Liverpool links

Xabi Alonso answered questions on his future after fresh links to both Liverpool and Bayern Munich this week. The Spaniard is in high demand right now.

Xabi Alonso is flying with Bayer Leverkusen right now. He's setting records, topping the Bundesliga and is on course to deliver the club's greatest-ever season.

But that does have a negative for Leverkusen - clubs want their manager. It's not supposed to be a massive negative for the club as Alonso reportedly only has three clubs he'd leave them for: Real Madrid, Liverpool and Bayern Munich, his former clubs.

However, two of those - Liverpool and Bayern - are in the market for a new manager. Jurgen Klopp will step down at Anfield once the season is done and now Bayern will part with Thomas Tuchel once the campaign finishes.

Reports suggest that both clubs are very much prioritising Alonso - but they certainly can't both get him. And right now, Alonso is refusing to commit to anyone at all.

"Right now I’m the coach [of Leverkusen]. That's for sure," he told a press conference on Thursday. "I have nothing new to say for the future.

"We will see. It's normal that there are questions, but it's off-topic now. Now is not the time for me to talk much about it.”

When asked whether he'll manage Leverkusen next season, Alonso merely said that he's "assuming that right now". Not exactly the firmest commitment in the world, then.

There are now rumours of Alonso being 'in advanced talks' with Liverpool, however, and that Bayern are drawing up alternatives as a result. At the same time, no one can rule out that the Spaniard rejected both jobs and remains with the club he's finding success with.

No matter what happens, this will be one of the biggest stories of the year. Alonso is batting away talk for now - but he'll need to make an enormous decision sooner or later.

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