Why Liverpool are still expected to fight for the title despite slow start to the season

The English Premier League season is getting heated, with many unexpected results in the past few weeks.

There has been a slow start for some of the top teams, including Liverpool, Chelsea, and Manchester United.

While it's known that setting the pace early matters in a competition like the EPL, you can't write off these teams, especially Liverpool. Little wonder, the league is rated as the toughest in the world.

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Although the Red Meysersiders have had a rocky start to the 2022-2023 campaign, they are still expected to fight for the title based on the following reasons:

1. The presence of Mohamed Salah

Jurgen Klopp built the Liverpool team around Mohamed Salah, and this has been evident in his output — goals and assists every season. Although another influential figure, Sadio Mane, has left, the team won't suffer significantly from his departure due to the presence of Salah, who's the focal point of the team's attack.

The club has also signed Darwin Nunez this summer, and with the talented Luis Diaz taking up Mane's role, it's just a matter of time before the team starts firing on all cylinders. Salah is yet to hit top form this season, but as soon as their keyman does, Liverpool will be back to their best and fight for the title.

2. Injury crisis will soon be over

One of the problems that can hinder a team's title charge is an injury crisis; this is evident in the Chelsea team last season when their two best players, Reece James and Ben Chilwell, were out for a long time.

Liverpool's injury list is quite alarming; however, it's good that these players are injured right from the beginning of the campaign when the club can get some replacements in the transfer market or find other ways to deal with it. Once the players are back, Liverpool will be back to where they belong — fighting for the trophy.

3. A deja vu

In football, especially the English Premier League, it's always important to connect every loose dot and not write off a team in the first month of the season. It happened with Manchester City last campaign when they had a shaky start, but they went on to win the league after having a long winning streak as the campaign progressed.

This may be happening again, albeit with Klopp's boys. Liverpool might just be playing Manchester City's script this time. The players have failed to win their first two matches against lowly opposition. The Reds lost to Manchester United but responded well by scoring a record-equalling nine unreplied goals against Bournemouth.

4. All top teams are struggling

Though results might say otherwise, the fact remains that all top teams are struggling, except Arsenal, although they're no longer rated as one. Manchester City has been grinding hard for their wins except against Bournemouth and Nottingham Forest. Chelsea and Manchester United are both inconsistent, and while Tottenham has started well, the consensus has always been that you can't count on them.

The situation of these teams makes it mathematically possible for the Reds to catch up with them as soon as possible before either of the clubs can think of running away with the title.

5. Klopp is a Master Tactician

In times like this, when the club is having a bad run, sports analysts, fans, and critics will shift the focus to the gaffer to navigate the troubles and steady the ship, which is where Klopp's competence can be helpful.

The German coach has done it several times, and no one can question his ability. Therefore, it is expected that the club will bounce back and fight for the EPL trophy with him at the helm of affairs.


With Liverpool's slow start to the 2022-2023 season, the fans are bothered about the club's form as many sports analysts think they may not be able to mount a serious title challenge as usual.

However, the Merseyside club isn't a team you can write off. Despite their slow start, they can still fight for the title based on the reasons highlighted above. Only time we tell if we are right or not.

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