“When I look back, we’ve lost our fair share" - Jordan Henderson on cup finals

Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson has opened up on how it felt to lose three consecutive cup finals under Jurgen Klopp.

Before the Reds won six major trophies with the German at the helm, they went through some pain.

Liverpool lost the 2016 League Cup final to Manchester City, the 2016 Europa League final to Sevilla and the 2018 Champions League final to Real Madrid.

Henderson believes that losing the aforementioned games gave his side a fair bit of motivation to improve.

Speaking with Sky Sports, the 31-year-old said: “When I look back, we’ve lost our fair share, for sure, especially at the beginning, and I felt as though that gave us extra energy, extra fire to go and get there again and go one step further in all competitions.

“It’s a different challenge when you win to then produce that again and again and again, but I think the lads have dealt with that brilliantly.

“It’s about the journey and it’s about doing it as much as possible. You never know when it is the last time you are going to win a trophy.

“So, it’s about enjoying it and cherishing that moment, but also looking ahead straight away.

“In football things change really quickly and you can’t lose focus. You’ve got to just concentrate on the next thing, the next challenge, and that makes it a little bit easier.”

Anfield Watch Verdict

They do say you learn from tough experiences. There is no denying that Klopp and his team have done exactly that.

It is remarkable to think about just how good Liverpool have become under the German. I don't think many of us thought that we would see the Reds return to the top of club football again.

The Reds had seriously struggled before Klopp's arrival, which is why it took the club 30 years to claim another league title.

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