What Liverpool are now saying about Alexis Mac Allister

Alexis Mac Allister has reportedly built himself a new reputation around Liverpool. The Argentine is fitting in nicely at Anfield.

Paul Joyce of The Times has written up a piece on Alexis Mac Allister ahead of the Carabao Cup final. It's clear that the midfielder is eager to win the trophy, even comparing it to his World Cup victory.

“I look at [my medal] every single day,” said Mac Allister. “That is what it means to me and to the country as well. It is the biggest game ever for a football player so it is something that I am really proud of.

"Hopefully, the Carabao Cup medal can be something I will look at as well."

Now, it's not quite on that level, if we're being honest, but it goes to show how driven Mac Allister is. He wants to win everything - every trophy matters.

And his attitude is likely a huge part of why the Argentine now has a reputation at Liverpool. Joyce claims people talk of Mac Allister as someone who 'sets the standards on and off the pitch' and that he's 'bought into what it means to be a Liverpool player'.

That is exactly what Liverpool needed to find this season. The squad lost two key players who embody that role: Jordan Henderson and James Milner. Finding it again in Mac Allister - a direct replacement for the pair - is absolutely ideal.

And it explains why Liverpool wasted no time in signing him. The Mac Allister deal was wrapped up right at the start of the summer - the Reds had few doubts about him.

They've been proven correct in that, too. Mac Allister keeps on improving and even slightly out of position, he's found ways to shine brightly all season.

So if Mac Allister is already setting standards at Anfield and AXA, he's only going to become a more important and respected player as the years go on. Liverpool found an ideal player here - we can't wait to see the success he brings.

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