'What an idiot!' - Liverpool coach Arne Slot RIDICULED for bizarre kick-off routine

Hilarious footage has emerged of new Liverpool head coach Arne Slot booting the ball high into the sky directly from kick-off during his playing days for PEC Zwolle. 

It corroborates a recent profile of the Dutchman penned by Oliver Brown of the Telegraph, in which the writer visited the hometown of Slot in Bergentheim in The Netherlands.

As part of the meticulous biography, Brown spoke to those who know Slot best, including former coaches and fellow villagers in his hometown. One curious detail about Slot’s playing career emerged.

He was an attacking midfielder, who, admittedly, wasn’t the quickest across the grass. Nonetheless he carved out a decent career as a No.10, winning promotion to the Eredivisie with Zwolle in 2001-02. 

He became renowned for his unique kick-off techniques which involved receiving the ball inside the centre circle before flicking the ball up and aiming it high into the sky, with the ball coming down where the opposition centre backs would be positioned. 

‘What an idiot!’, critics used to say, but there was actually a method to his madness according to the coach’s close friend Gerald ven den Belt. 

Brown recounts the story: “All his career, his attention to detail has been relentless. At Zwolle, where his face looms large on the club’s wall of heroes, he developed a habit of launching the ball high into the sky at kick-off. 

Arne Slot's marginal gains

“Dutch TV pundits mocked him mercilessly for it. But what they neglected to notice, Van den Belt says, is that he was doing it deliberately, wrongfooting the opposition as they looked directly into the sun.

“‘What an idiot,’” his critics laughed. And yet that year, Zwolle scored seven times within the first 30 seconds.”

And now Liverpool fans have uncovered the footage ahead of Slot’s official arrival at Anfield on June 1

And, lo and behold, there is Slot in his blue and white hooped kit, booting the ball high into the sunlit sky right from kick-off. 

“WAHEY! HA! HA! HA!,” the Dutch commentators bellow as the ball rockets high into the air and back down. 

Although no goal originated from the high vertical punt on this occasion, it is good to know the new Liverpool coach is looking for those marginal gains

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