"We'll get that connection" - Trent Alexander-Arnold on Darwin Nunez

Trent Alexander-Arnold has talked about how the team are working with Darwin Nunez to get the best out of the Uruguayan.

Speaking to Liverpool Echo, as quoted by Anfield Watch's Twitter account, the right-back spoke about how the team are going to utilise their new number nine.

Alexander-Arnold said: "I'm sure we'll be able to supply him with the ball to score goals. You can see he's itching for that first goal, but I'm sure once it comes it will be like London buses. We'll back him

“He's still kind of learning how we play, we're learning how he plays and soon enough we'll get that connection.

“Obviously out there, playing with him, you know to start that number nine movement that he's got, the runs that he makes, where he wants the ball.

"It's just about finding that connection and soon enough it'll all be good for us."

Anfield Watch Verdict

Football Twitter is a brutal place. If you've been on it in the last week, then you would've seen Nunez getting ripped to shreds by opposition fans.

I'll admit, the striker's miss against Manchester United in Thailand (pre-season clash) last week wasn't great. However, a lot of the other stuff has been massively blown out of proportion.

Nunez doesn't speak a word of English, he's still young and adapting to being around new people who he doesn't know.

I also think he played pretty well against Crystal Palace in Singapore a few days ago. Nunez was trying to get hold of the ball and he nearly scored a couple of times.

Unfortunately, he didn't score, but it's pre-season and most reasonable Liverpool fans don't care that he's not at 100%.

Once the Reds are back in Liverpool and Nunez has time to learn how Jurgen Klopp wants him to play, then I have no doubt he will excel.

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