"We started believing" - Luka Modric on the key moment of the Champions League final

Real Madrid midfielder Luka Modric has given his verdict on when Liverpool lost their way in the Champions League final.

The La Liga side secured a 1-0 victory over the Reds at the Stade de France. Real Madrid winger Vinicius Jr found the back of the net after 59 minutes of play.

However, when Liverpool were well on top, the Spanish giants almost took the lead through Karim Benzema late on in the first-half. But, the offside flag saved the Reds.

Despite that being the case, Modric believes that Liverpool started to panic directly after Benzema hit the back of the goal.

“In the first-half, I think we defend too much,” the midfielder told CBS Sports, as quoted by the Liverpool Echo.

“We didn’t have too much of the ball. Liverpool were pressing high and they did well. But we stayed calm and didn’t panic.

“In the second-half, we played much better and had more possession – and then we scored the goal.

“I think, from that disallowed goal, we started believing more and I think, for Liverpool, they panicked and they weren’t that comfortable anymore.”

Anfield Watch Verdict

Real Madrid were much better in the second-half, so perhaps they did take some confidence from the final moments of the first 45 minutes of play.

We are still gutted about the result. Heading into the game, it just felt like Liverpool were going to continue their good form.

But, it just wasn't the Reds' night. On another note, it is bizarre to think that Liverpool have played in three Champions League finals over the past five years.

Before 2018, the Reds had not featured in a European Cup final since 2007. So, we can't be too upset with how things have gone in recent years.

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