"We set out a game plan" - Kieran Trippier takes aim at Jurgen Klopp

Newcastle United defender Kieran Trippier has taken aim at Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp.

The German was not too pleased with the Magpies' tactics against his side last night.

But, Tripper has hit back at Klopp during a recent interview implying that he has no right to complain about how Newcastle United played.

As quoted by Anfield Watch's Twitter account, he told Chronicle Live the following: "(Time wasting is) something the referee needs to get control of. We're coming away to Anfield, we set out a game plan so if he (Klopp) wants to complain about time wasting, the officials have to take control.

"The lads are devastated (to lose 2-1) but we're talking about coming away to Anfield and performing the way we did. Going to Anfield and conceding in the last second shows how much it means to the lads and how disappointed they are because of the performance we put in.

"It's very tough to concede in the 98th minute when five minutes was supposed to be added on. We can't let the result take us off track because we've got a big game around the corner. It just shows how far we've come in a short period."

Anfield Watch Verdict

At the end of the day, Newcastle United's attempt to waste time came back to haunt them. As Tripper pointed out, Liverpool secured a 2-1 victory in stoppage-time.

Had the Magpies been a bit more brave throughout the match, they potentially could have won the game.

Eddie Howe's team did have a 1-0 lead after all. But, it just wasn't meant to be for Newcastle United.

However, we do agree with Trippier that the referee should not have allowed players to waste time. It got out of control last night.

Hopefully we don't see Liverpool involved in another game like last night's. It was borderline unwatchable at times due to Newcastle's tactics.

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