"We have to prepare the club" - Jurgen Klopp opens up on player recruitment

Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp has opened up on recent player recruitment at Anfield.

In the past 18 months, the Reds have signed a number of young players such as Diogo Jota (striker), Luis Diaz (winger) and Ibrahima Konate (centre-back).

Not one of the aforementioned footballers is above the age of 25. Klopp has provided an explanation as to why he has targeted players at a certain age in recent times.

As quoted by Anfield Watch's Twitter account, the German told Sky Sports the following: “We did quite well because we have brought in an incredibly talented, very young centre-half (Konate), which massively made sense. Diogo is at the best age. Luis is at the best age.

“Yeah, some of the other guys, they are not old but in three or four years you might call them that. But for me, the best time for them is yet to come. But we have to prepare the club for the time after these boys as well because there must be a time after us.

“And this time should ideally be more successful than we are now. You never play alone. There are other teams as well and they all want to improve."

Anfield Watch Verdict

We absolutely love that Klopp has the future in mind. The reality is, the German won't be the manager of Liverpool forever.

In fact, Klopp's contract expires in the summer of 2024. But, it is good to see that he is setting the club up for the future.

You wouldn't blame a manager for simply focusing on the immediate future, as that is what they are judged on.

But, Klopp clearly cares about the future of Liverpool. The 54-year-old may be the manager of the club, but at times, it does feel like he is also a supporter.

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