Wayne Rooney tells 'raw' Liverpool star NOT to change; he can be a 'superstar'

Wayne Rooney doesn’t want Darwin Nunez to change - despite a run of poor, inconsistent form. The Liverpool forward can be a superstar.

Wayne Rooney was in the Sky Sports studio for Everton vs Liverpool and the former Blue had some interesting quotes on Darwin Nunez. Nunez went into the game in poor form, after all.

The Uruguayan hadn't scored in five games ahead of the Merseyside derby and was as to blame as anyone for Liverpool's awful goalscoring in recent weeks. Nunez has always had a reputation for spurning good chances, but now he was doing it without the magic stuff along with it.

Rooney, though, tells Nunez not to change. Even though he's not perfect, there's a 'superstar' in the making at Anfield.

"I wouldn't want to change too much of him," said Rooney. "He's very raw, he's very difficult to mark.

"It's just that composure in front of goal. If that clicks, he's a superstar."

Darwin Nunez - where from here?

Nunez is an interesting position. He's had some fantastic moments this season, while he's also contributed plenty of goals and assists - just not as many as he could have.

Jurgen Klopp would take what he sees every day in training and go from there. It would likely mean backing Nunez but refining him.

But Klopp is leaving in the summer and a new manager will come in. That manager will have their own idea of Nunez, born out of what he's seen looking on.

And that could go either way. Nunez simultaneously has the reputation Rooney talks about - one of a raw player with all the potential in the world. He's also got a reputation as a very unreliable striker and one who can cost you games.

Will a new boss have the patience for him? Can he even afford to? Or will he be excited at the prospect of what Nunez can become?

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