Wayne Rooney's 2011 Tweet has been dug up after he SLAMMED Liverpool last night

A Tweet from Wayne Rooney back in 2011 is doing the rounds as it flies in the face of his criticism of Liverpool last night.

Wayne Rooney was in the studio for Sky Sports on Wednesday evening as Liverpool lost 2-0 to Everton at Goodison Park. The former Blue made a few headlines, too, as he passionately criticised comments from Virgil van Dijk.

Liverpool's captain talked after the game about the Reds' upcoming 12:30 kick-off against West Ham United. It's their sixth of the season, having played six last season, too.

Rooney, though, didn't like that Van Dijk brought it up. In fact, he seemed annoyed that it's been a consistent talking point out of the club this season.

"We've heard it so many times this season with Liverpool about 12.30 kick-offs," he told Sky. "Get on with it, that's part of your job. They should be ready to play."

But it seems Rooney had a different attitude back in his playing days. People on X/Twitter have dug up an old Tweet of his from 2011 where the then-Manchester United star criticised the early kick-offs himself.

"Just have to say 12 o'clock kick-off is no good for players," Rooney said at the time. "Trying to force pasta down at 9 in the morning is not nice."

Liverpool and 12:30 kick-offs

A little bit of hypocrisy there, admittedly - Rooney knows those fixtures are difficult and so Liverpool rightly have a problem with them. But honestly, it's worse than it seems.

Liverpool have played five 12:30 kick-offs this season, with another coming against West Ham United on Saturday. Five of these six had the Reds as the travelling team - and there was no travelling team in the other as it was the Merseyside derby.

That would be strange on its own, given Liverpool have played more 12:30 kick-offs than any other team. What's bizarre, though, is that it exactly the same as last season.

Liverpool played six again in 2022/23, which was also the most in the league. And again, five of those six were away from home, meaning the Reds were the travelling side.

It's a strange, unfair situation and one Liverpool are rightly frustrated by. Rooney the player would be, too - we can say that for sure.

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