Watch: Fabio Carvalho finally ends brutal 13-month goal drought

Fabio Carvalho has finally ended his incredible goal drought with Hull City's winner against Sunderland. The Liverpool loanee needed that.

Fabio Carvalho has taken just two games to find a goal for Hull City. Carvalho left RB Leipzig this month and quickly returned to the Championship for a spell with the Tigers.

And the move looks to be paying off immediately. He started his second game for Hull on Thursday - an away trip to Sunderland, knowing that a win would leapfrog the Blackcats and move his new team into the playoff places.

That's exactly what happened and it was Carvalho who found the net. His heavily deflected strike in the 71st minute settled the game at 1-0 and with that, the Portuguese playmaker ended a brutal 13-month goal drought.

Carvalho never scored for RB Leipzig, while he barely played across the second half of last season for Liverpool. Funnily enough, his last goal came at the Etihad - a 20th-minute equaliser in a Carabao Cup match Manchester City eventually won 3-2.

With this, then, Carvalho gets a true confidence boost and that's primarily what this loan spell is about. Even better, the assist came from a fellow Liverpool loanee in Tyler Morton. Can't ask for more than that.

It's notable that despite the goal, Carvalho wasn't as present in this game as his debut against Norwich City. That game saw him create three chances, take four shots on goal and complete six dribbles. Against Sunderland, he created no chances, no dribbles and had just the one shot - but it went in.

And perhaps that's a solid sign for him. Even in a game where he's not thriving, Carvalho made the biggest impact. That's the kind of confidence boost he needs above all - that he's a player who can always have an impact.

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