Virgil van Dijk reveals day he's 'dreading'; being captain makes it worse

Virgil van Dijk is ‘dreading’ a day next month - and being Liverpool captain only makes it worse. The Dutchman is an ‘emotional’ person.

May 2024 is going to be an emotional one for Liverpool FC and Virgil van Dijk will feel it more than most. Jurgen Klopp will leave the club after eight-and-a-half years in charge, bringing about pretty dramatic change at Anfield.

Van Dijk has been one of the key players at the club under Klopp, if not the key player. He arrived in January 2018 as Liverpool's record signing - and remains that six years later - having a transformative effect on the team.

Liverpool instantly started challenging once the missing puzzle piece arrived and it's been glorious ever since. Van Dijk will be synonymous with the Reds' success under Klopp - arguably more than any other player.

Next month's goodbye isn't going to be an easy one, then, and Van Dijk knows it. He talked about the upcoming day with ITV and admits it's one he's dreading.

Virgil van Dijk on Jurgen Klopp's goodbye

"[It will be] very difficult!" said Van Dijk. "I'm an emotional person, I don't like to say goodbyes. Being the captain as well, it's going to be horrible in that sense, because I'll probably have to speak a little bit.

"That day, I will be dreading. It makes it a lot easier if we have success, so that's the aim at the moment. But yeah, it's difficult.

"And it's not only the boss that's leaving, of course, there's going to be a lot changes and more staff leaving. It will be a tough day but until the day is here, we'll fight and be positive. We'll put all of our focus and effort into making the season a successful one."

There's really no doubt that Van Dijk will be asked to talk in front of his peers for that one - quite a lot of pressure after all this time. But as he says, doing it mid-celebration will be a whole lot easier.

Liverpool have two ways to make that happen. There could be a Premier League title to shout about, of course, while the dream is for Klopp's very last game to be the UEFA Europa League final in Dublin.

The fairytale ending is there waiting to happen. It could turn the day everyone's dreading into a truly magic one.

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