Video: Liverpool fans have created a new chant in honour of Diogo Jota

Liverpool signed forward Diogo Jota from Wolverhampton Wanderers for a transfer fee of €44.70 million back in the summer of 2020.

Since then, the Portugal international has scored 24 goals in 51 appearances for the club's first-team.

With that being the case, some Liverpool fans have created a song for Jota. As you can see/hear below, the tune is a belter.

The lyrics to the song are the following: “Oh, he wears the number 20. He will take us to victory, and when he’s running down the left wing, he’ll cut inside and score for LFC.

“He’s a lad from Portugal, better than Figo don’t you know. Oh, his name is Diogo!”

Jota is only 25 years of age. Therefore, it would be fair to assume that the striker is not the finished article.

The video below is property of Twitter user @Farragher94.

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