Video: Jurgen Klopp speaks on Ibrahima Konate following Manchester United performance

It’s fair to say that not many people believed that Ibrahima Konate could come into the Liverpool side at , pocket Cristiano Ronaldo, and leave a 5-0 winner. Yet, one week later, and the praise has been endless for the Frenchman.

The former RB Leipzig defender completed his role to perfection - leading to several positives, including a mention from Jurgen Klopp in his latest press conference: “Physique-wise, he’s a machine. Has the speed we need, likes challenges, just a really good football knowledge, like anticipating situations early and all these kind of things. So it’s a package – a really good package.

"He is an incredible talent, obviously. He came really young to Germany, and that’s a tough league to play for a young centre-half. Did there incredibly well, so came over to England and actually when you see him, he’s built for the Premier League."

You can see the full footage of the Konate mention in the video below:

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