Video: Jurgen Klopp has say on fixture schedule and fatigue

Speaking to the press before the game at Old Trafford against Manchester United, Jurgen Klopp discussed the forever-worsening fixture schedule and the fatigue it causes. Gradually, we are see more and more games introduced, as player welfare plummets down the list of priorities - even though it should have a place at the very top.

Eventually, the important voices - such as Jurgen Klopp’s - will be heard. For now, though, it very much seems as though they are talking to a brick wall, such is the despondent nature of those at the very top.

The German’s main issue lies with the fact that Liverpool play so many games in a short amount of time, when they could be scheduled better. You can see what Jurgen Klopp had to say on the matter, in the video below:

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