"Very intense" - Jurgen Klopp talks about Sunday's Merseyside derby

Jurgen Klopp has talked about Sunday's game against Merseyside rivals Everton in his most recent press conference.

Speaking in his pre-Everton press conference, as cited by Anfield Watch's Twitter account, Klopp spoke about if there is more riding on this game than the Manchester United tie last Tuesday.

"Maybe yes [there is more riding on this game] - it's intense and I love that, but I love it within the rulebook and not over the top like in the old times, let me put it like this," said Klopp.

"We play games after the derby, all of us, we should not forget that. It's always very intense. This one is important for both teams. It's always intense."

Klopp also spoke about Everton potentially being relegated and what it would mean for the world-famous fixture, as cited by Anfield Watch's Twitter account.

"Of course. We are used to 2 clubs in the city. Usually the full week before Everton, all the talk is of the derby, so yes it's important."


Anfield Watch Verdict

Even though this is a Merseyside derby and 'form goes out the window', if Liverpool don't win, it'll be very surprising and disappointing.

Everton have won two of their last 10 Premier League games and they're currently sitting 17th in the table, one point from the relegation zone. Meanwhile, Liverpool are 2nd in the table, one point from being in 1st position.

This season, Liverpool have amassed a gap of 47 points to their neighbours across Stanley Park in the Premier League.

Even though it would be very weird not facing Everton in the league, it would be very entertaining to see the Toffees go down this year.

The only downside of them going down is that they'll probably win the Championship the season after, putting an end to their 26-year trophy drought.

Everton will be expecting a defeat on Sunday so we need to not let complacency creep in and come out of the game with the all-important three points.

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