TV cameraman reunites Jurgen Klopp with lost wedding ring

Jurgen Klopp's post-match joy quickly turned to panic as the Liverpool boss lost his wedding ring during the aftermath of his side's 4-2 win over Newcastle at Anfield on New Year's Day. Luckily for the German, the story had a happy ending.

"I had a massive shock," Klopp admitted to Sky Sports, visibly relieved, "but it's back."

The German was followed by cameras as he entered the field of play following the game and as the Kop eagerly awaited the characteristic Klopp fist-pumps, it soon became apparent that something was wrong.

The Liverpool manager frantically searched the grass near where he had been standing, enlisting the help of a steward in his quest to recover his ring. However, it was the keen eye of a television cameraman that ultimately saved the day.

Shots for the cameraman

The German, known for his passionate touchline antics, expressed his gratitude, kissing the recovered ring in front of the cameras.

Reflecting on the nerve-wracking incident, Klopp shared his relief at the ring's recovery, stating: "Oh my God, that would have been really awful."

Despite having previously found the cameraman "annoying", Klopp joked that now he owed him "lots of shots".

Not the first time

This wasn't the first time Klopp had faced such a scare. Recounting a previous mishap, he humourously mentioned: "I lost it once in my life - I needed a professional diver because it was in the sea."

He also quipped about the ring's fit, attributing its occasional looseness to fluctuations in his weight, saying: "From time to time when I lose one or two kilos, it's not the right fit anymore."

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