"Trent is a great player" - Chelsea's Reece James defends Trent Alexander-Arnold

Chelsea's Reece James has questioned England fans who criticised Trent Alexander-Arnold during the recent international break.

After Alexander-Arnold was criticised by England fans, Chelsea's James told the Liverpool Echo, as quoted by Anfield Watch's Twitter account, that he doesn't deserve the negative press.

"I make mistakes as well. I gave away a penalty against Hungary so we are both still learning our trade," the Blues full-back said.

"Liverpool have 95% of the ball and he defends less than I have to. People have a lot of stuff to say and don't really know the game. Trent is a great player."

Anfield Watch Verdict

Anyone who watched Alexander-Arnold last season would know that he has improved defensively.

The people who say he's a 'bad defender' are just jealous opposition fans who don't want to admit that Liverpool possess the best right-back in world football.

It wouldn't surprise me if the Scouser beat Thierry Henry and Kevin De Bruyne for the most assists in a Premier League season (currently sits at 20).



With his defensive awareness improving in recent times, I expect his overall game to only get better, especially with a full pre-season on the cards this summer.

As your non-biased Liverpool fan, I obviously think that Alexander-Arnold is clear of James. But, I'm not going to be delusional and say that the Chelsea right-back isn't one of the best full-backs in world football.

James might be marginally better defensively, but Alexander-Arnold is clear attacking-wise. Anyone who has watched the pair knows this.

I don't rate England manager Gareth Southgate at all, but there's a reason why James gets played at centre-back. It's so Alexander-Arnold can play in his preferred position - right-back.

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