Trent Alexander-Arnold shares why Liverpool 2.0 are still short of 'peak' team

Trent Alexander-Arnold compared this current Liverpool '2.0' team to the Reds' peak under Jurgen Klopp. They're getting there, he says.

Liverpool have performed ahead of all expectations this season, topping the Premier League with only one defeat by February. And that defeat was the travesty against Tottenham Hotspur, of course.

The summer overhaul was supposed to lead to a transition period - one where the Reds gradually built a title-challenging side through signings and developing players. Instead, they're competing on four fronts with this squad.

But just how good is this team? And perhaps more important, how does it compare to the peak under Jurgen Klopp? This will be the boss's final Liverpool team, after all.

Trent Alexander-Arnold says this 'Liverpool 2.0' team is on its way to matching the peak, even if they're not quite there yet.

"I think our intensity has definitely gone up," he told LFCTV. "The way we're pressing and our counter-pressing and the intensity of our whole game and the speed at which we play is almost reminiscent of years ago when we were probably at the peak of our powers as a team.

"It's very similar. Different players, different style of football but the intensity is something that always remains and that's something that's drilled into us and demanded of us. It's what we enjoy doing and we see it work, so we buy into it."

'Almost' is the key word there - Liverpool aren't quite at that level yet. They're getting there, though, and it's important to remember that the 2019/20 team had already enjoyed a successful campaign together the previous year.

For what this team is, it's quite incredible that they're already clicking in a similar way to the peak under Klopp. Whether they can reach that level down the line remains to be seen but simply being on that track is an amazing feat.

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