Trent Alexander-Arnold on what club is his second favourite team

Trent Alexander-Arnold is a Scouser born and bred, but he has recently claimed that he'd support Barcelona if he wasn't a Liverpool fan.

Speaking to British GQ, as cited by Barca Universal, Trent was asked who he'd support if he wasn't a Liverpool fan and he responded with a team he helped dismantle, Barcelona.

"I would say that my other favourite team is Barça," said Trent. "I feel that they have the same values as Liverpool, they like to use players from the academy. I grew up watching Messi and that special team with Iniesta, Xavi, Henry, Eto'o."

Anfield Watch Verdict

Barcelona and Liverpool have always been very similar, not just in footballing terms either.

The famous cities both feel detached from their countries, England and Spain, and both citizens have toyed around with the idea of becoming their own state.

Before the Philippe Coutinho transfer, the fans of each club seemed to have a lot of respect towards each other but with how Barcelona conducted business it put a lot of Liverpool fans off.

The final nail in the coffin was the Champions League semi-final when Liverpool overturned a three-goal deficit to win 4-0 at Anfield, meaning they progressed to the final, eventually winning the competition.

The reaction by Barcelona fans, especially on Twitter, seemed to sour the relationship between the clubs' supporter groups.

However, not all of them are from the City of Barcelona and when Reds fans have visited the famous Catalan city they are still held in high regard.

It is funny that Trent chose Barca though. That 4-0 game is regarded as the lowest point in Barcelona's recent history and it was the Scouser who put them there!

As long as Trent admires Barcelona from a distance and doesn't get any other ideas then Liverpool fans will be more than happy with him having a second team.

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