Trent Alexander-Arnold names two reasons he owes Jurgen Klopp 'endless thanks'

Trent Alexander-Arnold believes he owes Jurgen Klopp 'endless thanks' for giving him two things at Liverpool. The Scouser has now played 300 times under the boss.

Trent Alexander-Arnold has now played 300 times for Liverpool - and he's not done yet. Ever since his debut in 2017, the right-back has continuously increased his standing in the squad.

The right-back has developed from a young player to a useful one to a starter to a world-class player and to the club's vice-captain. Pretty much everyone would agree that the role of club captain is there if he wants it down the line.

It's been an incredible journey so far, one that's seen Alexander-Arnold win every major trophy. There could be more on the way this season, too, in what we now know is Jurgen Klopp's last with Liverpool.

And that's particularly notable for Alexander-Arnold. He's never actually played under another manager at club level, having been handed his debut by Klopp and never going out on loan. Only he and Curtis Jones can say that of the true senior players.

Understandably, then, Alexander-Arnold feels indebted to Klopp. He talked to on Friday about his 300 appearances and brought up the 'endless thanks' he owes him.

"As a young player, as an Academy player, all you want is trust and opportunity," he said. "He showed both of them in me massively, so I can only thank him so much.

"Without going into it too deep because I'm sure I will at some point, he's been there every step of the way, he's helped me develop on and off the pitch, as a person and a player. I can only thank him endless amounts."

There's no question that Alexander-Arnold will be asked for comments on Klopp a lot more over the coming months. He's likely to go down as the defining player of the boss's legacy - a youngster handed 'trust and opportunity' who took it in his stride and reached levels no one predicted.

One part of a magnificent legacy that Klopp leaves.

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