Trent Alexander-Arnold names two Liverpool midfielders he admired growing up

Will Castle
10 months ago

Trent Alexander-Arnold may be set to embark on his first professional season as a midfielder – and it's safe to say that he isn't short of inspiration for the role.

Liverpool's new vice-captain experienced a new lease of life towards the end of the 2022/23 season, in part thanks to a positional shift that drew back his defensive responsibilities, providing him with increased freedom in the middle of the park.

After continuing to impress for England in a more forward-thinking position, Alexander-Arnold has largely operated in midfield during Liverpool's pre-season, with Jurgen Klopp insisting that the Englishman can play in a variety of roles, including at 'number six'.

"Trent can play the position [number six]," Klopp told reporters. "It depends on who is on the left and right of him. We really thought it was a very good and important thing to do this pre-season."

What position Liverpool's number 66 ultimately features more in this coming season remains to be seen, but what's certain is that he has some great role models to help shape his midfield game.

Speaking about his positional shift ahead of Wednesday's clash with Bayern Munich in Singapore, Alexander-Arnold named two modern Liverpool legends that he grew up admiring.

"In terms of players who I’ve watched, I’ve always admired quality passers of the ball," Alexander-Arnold told the club's website. "I grew up watching Steven Gerrard and Xabi Alonso, so I was very fortunate in that respect.

"I’m a student of the game, I love watching football. It’s not that I will sit there every weekend with my notepad and thinking what can I learn, it’s more just watching it and picking things up as it goes.

"When I do need to study it, then I go and do that. I enjoy the game: I love watching it, I love being around it and I think that helps with how I learn and how I adapt."

Alexander-Arnold added that he is 'excited' to take on the challenge of a new role, admitting he has recently experienced some of his best form.

"I think it’s clear to see I enjoy playing in there," he added. "Since the transition or the slight change and adaptation I’ve felt it has brought the best out of me again and it’s something I’m excited to play.

"There is a lot of work that has gone into it and there is still a lot more that needs to happen to really iron out the creases in it.

"We’re working on that, that’s what pre-season is for, and we’re excited as a team and I’m excited for the season to start."

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