Trent Alexander-Arnold names Liverpool moment he would relive

At just 24, Trent Alexander-Arnold has more special moments than most in his footballing career.

The West Derby lad made a first-team debut for his boyhood club while still a teenager and has gone on to become one of the world's best right backs, winning the lot under Jurgen Klopp.

Liverpool's number 66 was even named vice-captain at the start of the 2023/24 campaign, in the latest memorable milestone in his career.

Speaking on the 'We are Liverpool' podcast, the right back was asked which one moment he would relive from his career given the chance.

From a first Premier League title for the Reds in 30 years to that corner against Barcelona, Alexander-Arnold had no shortage of options, but ultimately plumped for a particular goal in the 87th minute of a match in Madrid one June evening...

"Part of me thinks obviously the corner and that night," the right back said.

"But for me, by far really, the best moment I've ever felt on a pitch was Divock's goal in Madrid.

"When it goes in, just that feeling of knowing you've won. We're 1-0 up the whole game and we're fighting, digging in and we're closer and closer and closer and it gets to 85, whatever, onwards.

"And it goes in… at that point you know, unless they come up with an absolute miracle, it was just that feeling of, 'We've won it.'

"Never forget that feeling. By far the best feeling I've ever felt on the pitch."

Elsewhere in the podcast, Alexander-Arnold was also asked about the day he was named vice-captain by Klopp.

The Liverpool manager famously pulled the defender aside before a pre-season friendly to give him the news – a moment he called 'surreal'.

Alexander-Arnold said: "It's the day before the Leicester game and I'm thinking it's just going to be about the role that I'm playing again and how it's going to work and how to use it best against their set-up.

"He just goes on to say, 'Congratulations, you're the vice-captain of Liverpool Football Club.'

"Obviously at that point I want to come in and say, like, thank you and that. But he then carries on and says, 'We're going to have a leadership meeting with the rest of the lads.' He says, 'Nobody knows, don't tell too many people, but I'll tell the leadership group tonight. Obviously Virgil is going to be captain. But well done.'

"If you watch the clip back, you see a lot of the time I'm just like, 'Yeah, yeah.' I'm just looking at him like, 'Yeah, yeah' because at that point he's telling me just don't tell too many people, nobody knows, we'll do an announcement tomorrow, all this, that and the other.

"It was a surreal moment, a proud moment."

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