Trent Alexander-Arnold sets Liverpool return date; Jurgen Klopp thinks differently

Trent Alexander-Arnold has a return date for Liverpool in mind - but it’s different to Jurgen Klopp’s plan. Neither expects him to face Brighton, however.

Trent Alexander-Arnold has a return date in mind as he continues his rehab from injury. The Scouser has been out for over a month now - and is unlikely to return during the international break.

Brighton, it seems, will come too soon - that's according to both The Times and the Telegraph. Instead, the latter claims Alexander-Arnold hopes to return against Sheffield United on April 4th.

What's particularly interesting about that is Jurgen Klopp's feeling that the fixture at Old Trafford three days later is a more probable return date. To say the pair are 'at odds' would be going too far, but they clearly have different ideas here.

Trent Alexander-Arnold plans return

Alexander-Arnold has missed some absolutely massive games over the last month-plus. The Carabao Cup final, both legs of the Europa League Last 16, Manchester City at Anfield and Manchester United away.

Liverpool have coped well without him, admittedly, but the latter two saw his absence felt. Both games could have swung the other way if the Reds had their primary playmaker on the pitch.

So getting him in the team for the run-in is massive and the game against United in the Premier League feels like a must. It's encouraging, then, that both Alexander-Arnold and Klopp feel he can play in that one.

But there's no question that getting him some minutes against Sheffield United would be a huge boost. Get him the 'comeback' minutes there and Alexander-Arnold could even play a fairly significant role at Old Trafford.

Of course, he's not the only player battling back from injury. Alisson Becker, Diogo Jota and Curtis Jones will all hope to make a comeback in April, while Joel Matip remains out for the season. Thiago is a wildcard - who knows what's happening there.

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