Trent Alexander-Arnold names 'fairytale' goodbye for Jurgen Klopp

Trent Alexander-Arnold has outlined the dream scenario for Jurgen Klopp's farewell tour at Liverpool.

We're nearly two weeks on from the announcement that sent tremors through the sporting world - where Klopp revealed that after nine seasons at the helm of the club, he would be leaving Liverpool come the end of the campaign.

It was a statement that rocked all Reds fans to their core, not wanting to accept the departure of a man who had taken their club from obscurity to the pinnacle of the sport, winning all that there is to win during his tenure on Merseyside - including a first Premier League title in 30 years.

One man who Klopp oversaw the progression of was Reds vice-captain Trent Alexander-Arnold, from academy prospect to world-beater.

As he comes to terms with the departure of his manager, Alexander-Arnold is beginning to let himself dream about the perfect goodbye.

Speaking with BBC Sport, the 25-year-old was asked about the dream ending for the German boss, to which he replied: “Cruising around Liverpool in an open-top bus.

“That’s the fairytale ending that I think everyone hopes for and that, for us players, that’s our motivation. That was our motivation at the start of the season and that's our motivation now.

"Even more so, is to give the manager the send off he deserves and he's earned. That's our aim."

Speaking further on Klopp's decision to leave Anfield after close to a decade in charge, Alexander-Arnold reaffirmed the fact that the players were caught out of the blue in regard to his announcement, having little to no prior knowledge of his intention to leave.

However, any shock or sadness will only go to motivate the side further as they seek to add to the catalogue of memories made during the German's tenure.

"I was as shocked as anyone else really, if not more," he said. "It was a huge surprise to all of us.

"One that obviously isn't nice but it's of course a personal decision that he's taking, so you've got to respect it.

"I've loved absolutely every minute working with him and can't wait to finish the season, excited to see what memories we can keep going on to make."

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