Top Liverpool target admits he would sign contract early

Julian Nagelsmann opened up on his future this week and his comments place him squarely in the race to be the next Liverpool manager. Will the Reds choose him?

Julian Nagelsmann has responded to claims this week that he'd happily agree a contract with a club before managing Germany at the Euros this summer. Nagelsmann has been consistently linked with a return to club football but his current role with the German National team is a stumbling block.

But reports have suggested that he'd be open to signing with a club before the tournament. That, of course, would mean he'd leave international football even if he won the trophy, and then jump straight back into the club game without even a summer off.

Nagelsmann responded to these claims by saying they're absolutely true - in fact, the chances are 'high'.

"If I have a contract offer before the EUROs that I'm satisfied with and that makes me feel comfortable, then the likelihood of me signing it before the EUROs is high," he said, per Florian Plettenberg. "Currently, I don't have anything on the table.

"Therefore, I can't answer the question. The likelihood of something happening before the EUROs is there, but as of now, there's also a chance that nothing will happen."

Julian Nagelsmann is on Liverpool list

The Athletic reported last month that Naglesmann is high on Liverpool's shortlist. The data suggests he's one of the top candidates - there's just one problem.

That problem is that Naglesmann is Germany manager and couldn't properly take over at Liverpool until July. His quotes suggest he's trying to limit that problem, though, with an eagerness to get started ASAP and commit to a new job ahead of the tournament.

Will that be enough for Liverpool, though? The fact he's being considered at all is a sign they do believe it's enough, or at least could be enough with the right structure in place. While Nagelsmann may not be priority no.1 for next season, he could still end up as Liverpool boss if the cards fall a certain way.

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