The Best Value Liverpool Players on FIFA 22

EA Sports behemoth video game FIFA 22 was released earlier this autumn, and a glut of fans immediately got stuck into their Ultimate Team mode.

FIFA has been going since the early nineties, but in recent years it has become known almost exclusively for its Ultimate Team mode, known as FUT. It allows gamers to build their squad from scratch, getting points and rewards by winning games and improving their squad. Of course, for those who like a shortcut, you can buy those points for real money. It is so popular that Goal reports it has made the developers around £1.5bn.

There are tricks you can use to get a better team earlier. In the Bwin analysis of getting a head start on FIFA, they explain how you are unlikely to pack an icon, such as Kenny Dalglish, early in the game. Instead, you work your way up, picking up cards that look underpriced but have attributes that stand up to some bigger players. The likelihood is, as Reds fans, you'll want to know which Liverpool players are worth saving for early on and why they're so special.

Here are four Liverpool players you might afford in the first few weeks of gaming and why you should buy them.

Joe Gomez

As the transfer market is volatile, prices may vary on some cards, but Gomez should be available for around 5,000 coins. That's achievable early in the game, and he is certainly worth buying. One major element of Gomez's attributes, at least on FIFA, that has fans excited is his pace, set at 81. Very few central defenders have such good pace stats (Virgil is just 78), and to find them on a relatively cheap card is great. He'll help keep out the pacey strikers you're bound to come up against, even if Klopp .


Thiago isn't the best of the cheap midfielders; Fabinho is more expensive and slightly better, but Thiago's appeal is his versatility. He's Spanish, which means if you're looking to mix your team up with some Liverpool and some players of other nationalities, he acts as a great link. To go for Jordan Henderson, for example, would only see you build chemistry with other English players, as well as Premier League and Liverpool. Thiago is a decent card, 86 passing and 90 dribbling, but he's also versatile in the chemistry department and has 5-star skill moves.

Kostas Tsimikas

The Greek left-back is a great card for so many reasons. He is the highest silver card in the Liverpool squad, and that can be a significant benefit when a squad building challenge comes up. Often, silver cards featuring players from top teams are worth more than low scoring gold cards. Tsimikas is a great one to target now but could be worth holding onto once you upgrade. His pace is good, 83, which is better than Trent and only just shy of Andrew Robertson. That, coupled with his low cost and potential resale value, makes him a good one to target in the early part of the game at around 1,500 coins.


Adrian is a good card for the same reason and Thiago and Tsimikas. He's silver, so is low cost and yet could yield a bigger fee when you replace him, so he has the investment value. He's also Spanish, and therefore will get chemistry with Premier League players and Spanish ones, which in turn could lead you to La Liga further up the field. His stats are average, but he is a cheap option at around 1,000 coins for Liverpool fans wanting their Anfield favourites.

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