"That’s what Liverpool have been so often this season" - Robbie Fowler on the Reds

Former Liverpool player Robbie Fowler has given his thoughts on the club's start to the 2022-23 campaign.

The Reds have been quite open this season, which is why they have conceded six goals in six Premier League fixtures.

Liverpool also conceded four goals against Napoli in their opening Champions League group stage game.

Fowler has given his verdict on the Reds' defence.

As quoted by AW's Twitter account, he told the Liverpool Echo the following: "The whole idea of staying as compact as possible in defence is one of the principles of play, it is one of the fundamental building blocks of football. If you don’t have it, you don’t win.

"What’s the opposite of compact? Whatever it is, that’s what Liverpool have been so often this season. Why? Well it seemed as though Klopp didn’t know on Wednesday.

“But the clue seems to be in their running stats. Less distance covered than every opponent so far this season, less intense runs, less sprints. Why? It’s not that they suddenly can’t run, that’s far too simplistic.

"Maybe Klopp has decided to try and control games, run less to see them through a ridiculous season with a World Cup in the middle. But that isn’t working because he doesn’t have his midfield controllers in Thiago, Naby Keita and Curtis Jones."

Anfield Watch Verdict

Fowler is spot on. Liverpool have not been compact at any stage this season. The Reds have been far too open, which is why they have conceded so many goals.

Liverpool only conceded 26 goals in 38 Premier League games last season. So, the aforementioned figures highlight that something is very wrong with Jurgen Klopp's defence at this current moment.

But, things can change very quickly in football. Liverpool just need to put a few decent performances together to get their confidence back.

Only time will tell if the Reds are to improve.

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