"That’s how I see it" - Jurgen Klopp on missed chances vs Tottenham

Jurgen Klopp has explained how missed chances cost his team three points against Antonio Conte's Spurs side.

Speaking in his pre-Aston Villa press conference, as cited by Anfield Watch's Twitter account, Klopp spoke about what went wrong against Tottenham on the weekend.

"I said it was not the perfect game but the general approach for the game, the counter-press was completely different level – we win it and we talk about that – ‘Wow the counter-press of Liverpool’," said Klopp.

“The crosses you can read easy, they are not useful in a game like this with the profile of players they have in the box, that makes no sense. But it happens. So we got the ball there and not a lot of options around, stuff like this.

"So pass it back into the centre, what you usually have to do like keep going to find the momentum really or the moment where you can pass it through the gaps, get to the touchline, square it from there, these kind of things. It’s just the situation.

"The main challenge in a game like this – you are constantly in a creating mood knowing each misplaced pass is a massive problem so it’s really difficult to stay calm in these moments, to do exactly the right thing.


"But we had – I spoke about the few moments – I’m not sure if they was counted as crosses but if we chipped the ball from half left to Hendo like close to the touchlines and even behind the wingback and we are there and square the ball from there.

"That’s a great football moment but that was then the moment we didn’t anticipate it well enough. So these kind of moments which we had. In the end you count crosses, but if would’ve won 3-1 you wouldn’t have counted the crosses.

"I mean there was still the number there but you would not have asked me about that cross but in the decisive moments we did the right stuff. So that’s a little bit the problem. We don’t win it, we just forget it. I don’t. Because that keeps us going, that keeps us in.

"Winning 1-0 and five games to go, five finals to go and you have to, ‘Boys’, because then something happened beforehand and all of a sudden it’s gone and we lost. [Nothing’s broken basically] That’s how I see it, that’s how I saw the game.

"So let’s keep on going from there, and then it doesn’t always work out, that’s the nature of the thing and that’s how it is. With the quality of the opponent, and the goalkeeper, and all these guys around, that makes it really [difficult]. You know we had the situations.

"When Virg hits the header here instead of here, it’s a better chance than hitting the crossbar, all these kind of things. They had two situations I think from that moment so we didn’t score from a set piece but we could have because everything was nearly perfect.


"You have to accept that and I do that. And now let’s use the good things, delete the bad things, and go from here.”

Anfield Watch Verdict

Thankfully Tuesday's game against Aston Villa will be more open and Liverpool won't have to attack against two back fives for the entire 90 minutes.

Yes, Liverpool struggled but Tottenham have taken six points from Manchester City this season, meanwhile, they've only taken two against the Reds.

It was a disappointing result but it was by far the hardest game we had left and we knew going into it what type of game Conte was going to play.

Unfortunately on that day, we just couldn't overcome the Italian's anti-football tactics.

However, Tuesday's fixture is a new game and we just have to make sure that we win and collect all three points that are up for grabs.

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