"That’s a red card" - Former Premier League referee on Fabinho's challenge vs Tottenham

Keith Hackett, a former Premier League referee, has said that Fabinho should've seen red for a challenge during the Tottenham game.

The former Premier League referee told Football Insider that Fabinho should've been sent off against Tottenham after a challenge between the Brazilian and Son Heung-min.

“That’s a red card offence," said Hackett. “Clearly that’s a forearm smash. That’s a red card and he should have gone.

“This is exactly what VAR is for. The referee has seen it so that means the FA should take further action and I doubt they will take any further action.

"For me, this fulfils the VAR criteria of a clear and obvious error. As a consequence, VAR should have come in on that.

“I ask the question, how can a referee give a yellow card within the laws of the game for an offence that fulfils the criteria for violent conduct?”


Anfield Watch Verdict

Hackett refereed during the 70s, 80s and 90s. I'm very surprised that he is saying this is a red card, especially when the refs of his time were letting leg breakers go unpunished.

As far as the decision is concerned, it was definitely not a red card. Fabinho was in a natural position and Son was lower down than a player normally would be in that situation.

Fab put his arm across, aiming for his chest but because of Son's position, he made contact with his head.

You can't just say, 'his arm/elbow connected with his face so it's an automatic red card'. That's not how the rules of football are meant to be interpreted.

There's a reason why VAR didn't get involved, it would've ruined the game and it wasn't a 'clear and obvious error'.

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