Sporting comebacks to inspire Liverpool to defend their title

Halfway through February and with Man City streets ahead of the chasing pack, it seems unlikely that Liverpool will retain the Premier League title they battled so hard to win last season.

That said, if there is one team in Europe that knows a thing or two about comebacks it is Liverpool.

If the club’s own history is not enough to inspire the players who don the red jerseys week in and week out, this article supplies some other inspiring sports stories, of men, women, and beasts, who all overcame a hell of a lot more than a double-digit points deficit.

Aldaniti and His Champion Jockey

Back in 1979 the going was tough for both chase supremo Aldaniti and his favoured jockey Bob Champion, as racehorse and man were struck down with what were potentially life-threatening illnesses.

However, proving that miracles can come true, Aldaniti and Champion combined to incredible effect at the Grand National of 1981, to defy the long odds placed on them by bookies, and pulling off one of the greatest comeback victories ever seen, not just in horse racing, but sport in general.

Jürgen Klopp and his backroom staff would be well advised to screen the movie that was inspired by the dynamic duo’s exploits, aptly called Champions. For further inspiration, the squad should take note of the upcoming racecards that feature top steeplechase jockeys, who know a thing or two about falling hard, only to get straight back in the saddle to gallop to victory.

Liverpool’s walking wounded could also do with some recuperation tips from the likes of Champion and Aldaniti, which if they get Jota and Van Dijk fighting fit, might just tempt a few hopeful Reds fans to wager free bets on their heroes to mount a comeback to rival the one made by Aldaniti and Bob Champion.

Tyson Fury

At this point most UK sports fans have heard of how Tyson Fury turned his life and career around to reclaim his crown as the heavyweight king of the world.

During his lowest months in boxing exile, Fury tipped the scales at 28 stone and was being written off by everyone from promoters to former boxers.

What happened next was one of the most incredible turnarounds ever seen, as Fury eventually returned to fight the most fearsome puncher in history, who he definitively defeated in a much-hyped rematch.

Even if Fury’s return ultimately ends in defeat to Anthony Joshua, his journey to redemption shows that anything is possible.

After all, none of Liverpool’s squad got quite that chubby over the festive period. Klopp’s charges should pick up a copy of the Gypsy King’s book as soon as they can!

Lindsey Vonn

Few comeback stories are as impressive as Lindsey Vonn’s. The US Olympic star was ravaged by knee injuries and serious illness, all of which appeared to have permanently hindered her being able to re-join the FIS Tour.

But telling Vonn she cannot do something is like waving a red rag to a bull, and she stormed back to claim a whole host of records, including being the first women to ever grab 6 world championship medals. Liverpool would do well to adopt the same never-say-die mindset.

Tiger Woods

A former partner of Vonn’s, Tiger Woods’ fall from grace was largely self-inflicted, but his return to the golfing spotlight was no less dramatic as a result.

This culminated in him winning the 2019 Masters title, an unbelievable 11 years after his previous major triumph.

Some Liverpool players have certainly had their reputations somewhat besmirched this season, but Woods has shown that no situation is insurmountable, as long as the hard yards are put in during training.

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