Social media reacts as Jayden Danns and 'Klopp's Kids' beat Southampton

Liverpool beat Southampton 3-0 to advance to the FA Cup quarter finals on Wednesday night, and they did it with the kids.

With the Reds' treatment room now so full it must be breaking all kinds of fire safety regulations, Jurgen Klopp once again turned to La Axa to get the job done.

Liverpool started the match with no fewer than seven homegrown players in the lineup, six of whom are 21 or younger, while six teenagers made an appearance on the night.

'Klopp's Kids' shone against tricky opposition with Lewis Koumas (18) opening the scoring with a debut goal after an assist from Bobby Clark (19) just before half-time.

Substitute Jayden Danns (18) then came on in the second half bag a double capping a frankly ludicrous week for someone who is still basically a toddler.

To put into perspective just how young Danns is while making you feel old...

However, Danns himself is practically a grizzled veteran compared to second-half debutant Trey Nyoni.

The summer arrival from Leicester has made the matchday squad on a number of occasions including the Carabao Cup final, finally making his bow on 78 minutes against Southampton.

But just how young is he? Here have some more disturbing facts to make you feel like a fossil on a Thursday morning...

But wait, lads... Don't get too carried away with the Reds' Gen Z heroes. One man is here to tell you it's all a big media narrative because Klopp didn't give birth to them all himself.


The role of the academy stars has been just the latest twist in a frankly incredible rollercoaster of season so far for Liverpool.

And fans were full of praise for the youngsters who have risen to the occasion amid the injury crisis.

The squad appears capable of challenging on all fronts as we approach the business end of the season no matter what is thrown at it, while the future of Liverpool looks bright even beyond Klopp's departure this summer.

Bring on City. We'll play the Under-8s.

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