"Ruin his legacy" - Former Liverpool player on Mohamed Salah leaving the club

Former Liverpool player Glen Johnson has questioned if Mohamed Salah would actually move to a Premier League rival next summer.

When doing so, the ex-Reds right-back said that the winger could ruin the legacy he has created at Liverpool if he was to join another English side.

“If he went somewhere like Manchester City, then he could possibly ruin his legacy at Liverpool. I don’t think he would move to another Premier League, if I’m honest," Johnson told bettingodds.com.

"We know how much he loves Liverpool, so I don’t know if he could go through with a move like that. This may be a scare tactic from his team, but I’m not too sure. If he did move to a rival like City though, then yes, he definitely runs the risk of ruining his legacy at Liverpool.”

Anfield Watch Verdict

Salah would reportedly be willing to join a Premier League rival next summer if Liverpool didn't meet his contract demands, which is why Johnson has made the aforementioned comments.


The rumours were further backed up by Graeme Bailey in his monthly column for Anfield Watch. He confirmed that the Reds were 'deeply unhappy' with Salah's 'openness' to join a direct rival for free.

If the Egyptian international was to join a Premier League rival, then the only clubs we could see him signing for are Manchester City and Chelsea. Both teams are wealthy and competitive.

Now, if this actually happened, then the Egyptian would fall into the Fernando Torres and Michael Owen category of legends.

Yes, you are a legend, but the fans will never treat you like one for what you did. We are a very proud fanbase and we don't appreciate being held to ransom.

However, I think this is a bluff from Salah, but if he said this, then Liverpool need to cash in on him this summer.

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