Ruben Amorim to Liverpool: David Ornstein shares his 'most recent information'

The Athletic’s David Ornstein has shared his ‘most recent information’ on Ruben Amorim potentially becoming Liverpool manager. The journalist held a Q&A for the publication.

There is, as you'll have noticed, a lot of talk surrounding Ruben Amorim potentially joining Liverpool. The Sporting CP manager was among the favourites anyway but once Xabi Alonso removed himself from contention, Amorim became the absolute favourite.

And David Ornstein suggests he's very much in the running for the Liverpool job. Perhaps equally as crucial, he's not in the frame to be the next Barcelona manager.

This was a real concern as the Catalonians hope to replace Xavi Hernandez this summer. Liverpool have already faced competition for Alonso from Bayern Munich - they'll have been hoping to avoid it for Amorim.

"My most recent information is that he is very much the frame for Liverpool - not Barcelona - and conversations have taken place," Ornstein wrote in a Q&A for the Athletic.

But the journalist was also adamant that Amorim isn't necessarily the 'favourite' inside Anfield. If only because there really isn't one just yet.

"But despite many on the outside suggesting he is the top target, I'm not sure that's the case internally," says Ornstein. "Not because someone else is or he won't become that but because there isn't one while Liverpool continue with what will be a thorough process.

"Clearly Amorim is a wanted man and I definitely expect him to leave Sporting this summer. I hear the Premier League is his preference and we don't know for sure yet but there could well be multiple vacancies, so even if Liverpool do decide to go for him he will also need to decide if they are where he wants to go."

Ruben Amorim to Liverpool?

Perhaps the most important line there is 'the Premier League is his preference'. If Ornstein is right about that, Liverpool almost certainly have Amorim if they want him.

Bayern and Barcelona, their main rivals for managers, are very much not in the Premier League, after all. While Chelsea and Manchester United could get involved in the race, you'd back Liverpool to get priority for any manager.

And so it all sounds positive on the Amorim front - if Liverpool want him. That remains the biggest question of all.

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